The Kidney Warriors

Faced with life’s greatest challenge one needs to become focussed maintaining a cool exterior and a hard interior to lay foundation for a successful plan. Whether the plan converts into success will be known in time. Kidney disease wears a mask of secrecy, becomes an impenetrable fog that human eyes will struggle to decipher.

The very first story in – The Kidney Warriors talks of a small village farmer who needed to plan for his family. It’s a show of strength, a time to worry, to see yourself at the bottom most rung of the ladder wondering how much is needed to be done. Never the right vs wrong.

You will find these true stories have immense human value; it will leave you wondering if such complicated issues could all be in a single basket.

Father, wife and patients have spoken about their understanding of their situation with full consciousness that they were chosen to join this charade.

Though all stories are reflections of true lives, readers will get to see characters develop due to play of family circumstance, city of habitat, education and inner courage to face a life threatening disease.

Fear lives in the backyard and they behave as if it was non-existent.

My purpose of giving this reading experience to people stems out of my deepest confidence that nothing will change face of chronic kidney disease if one is unaware of how vastly different people share a common stage. In their struggle they put a smile and say, “Let’s get it done.”

Fighting CKD.

Read this book with an open mind to receive the vibes. 56 stories. 15 diseases leading to CKD. Three senior-most nephrologists share important information while four emerging nephrologists guide with critical information.

The Kidney Warriors. A complete package.

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